Embroidered Denim

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My favorite trending piece right now is embroidered denim. I feel like ever since I was a kid I have just loved patch work, pins all the embellishments! One thing I really do think is that embroidered denim never goes out of style. I think it's always cool and unique and adds so much to a look.
I created a little look book below of some of my favorites for the fall! They seem to just go out of stock so fast so if you find a pair you like, I would definitely recommend locking them down!
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NYC Apartment & Giveaway

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hey all of you lovely humans. First things first, I wanted to do a giveaway to just let you guys now how much I appreciate you following my blog and supporting me, it seriously means so much to me. If there is ever anything specific you want me to do a post on please let me know! 
So the giveaway is going to be a gorgeous over dyed rug! I am really excited for this giveaway because I just have been crushing hard on decorating lately and I can't wait for someone to have some fun with this! 
Rules: Really simple
1. Tag two friends on Instagram
2. Subscribe to the blog and comment below.
Giveaway ends midnight 10/28/16

Living in a studio apartment in NYC can get kind of crazy when it comes to decorating. On one hand you want to be the minimalist who doesn't have clutter and keeps everything simple, but on the other you want to decorate every corner because you only have so much space and might as well have fun. It seems like every 2 weeks we are rearranging things or trying to figurer out a new way to see our space. As anyone knows New York is crazy expensive and rent is ridiculous, but we all justify it because the city just never stops giving. I am so so grateful for Urban Outfitters when it comes to Home decor. They absolutely kill it on offering amazing pieces at insanely affordable prices. I don't think I even registered how much furniture was until I moved here. So for anyone who is wanting to get creative in their space or add a little flavor I linked below all the fun items we have used in our apartment to give each wall a little love as well as some of my favorite go-to bedding that allows me to get really creative elsewhere in my apartment. Hope you enjoy. Any tips or questions please let know. I know how creative so many of you are! Happy decorating. 
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Leanne Marshall

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leanne Marshall is one of the most amazing designers. I just got to attend her show at fashion week and left feeling like I was floating on a cloud. This dress is honestly so insane I felt like i was wearing a piece of art. Of course I had to add a rock n' roll twist to it with my leather. Shout out to John my super intendant who let us sneak onto the roof of my building for some fun pics. 

Tessa Barton 

Floating Around the City

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This week has been just insane with all of fashion week going on. There is a lot of pressure walking around a city with gorgeous models and style icons on every corner. But this dress has always been a favorite of mine and I rarely get an opportunity to wear it so I figured today would be the perfect day. It started out as the most gorgeous sun shining soft breeze kind of a day when next thing you know, down poor of rain! I was stuck hiding under an awning with a dead phone for an hour haha. But that's just the city for you. 


Backstage Anna Sui for R+Co at NYFW

Thursday, September 15, 2016

So if any of you follow me on insta, you probably saw my overloaded insta story from my behind the scenes take over with R+Co. And if you don't know what I a talking about or what R+Co is... you are missing out. I have never had such a love affair with hair product until I started using R+Co. It was amazing to get to watch all the hair wizards in action. Garren, who you see photographed many times below, is a Co founder of R+Co but also the expert stylist. 
I was there from the beginning of all the models rollin in in their street clothes and no makeup , including Gigi, Bella, and Taylor #OMG, to watching everyone leave with the most gorgeous make up and hair job. It was so much fun and such a transformation. And on top of that Anna Sui the designer was back there giving hugs to all of her models and the hair team, it was really special. 
Anyway I compiled all my clips in a little video below just for fun. But here are some behind the scenes shots. Hope you enjoy. 

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